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The good news is that almost all cases of plantar fasciitis resolve over time. Unfortunately, it can take up to one or two years for a patient to be completely symptom free. In most cases, recovery can be sped up by addressing underlying risk factors and taking proper care of your feet. Flatfeet may be flexible or rigid. Flexible or postural flatfeet is when the arch is present with the foot non-weight bearing, and absent when the foot is weight bearing. Rigid flatfeet is when the arch is absent regardless of weight bearing, and is usually associated with a rigid or inflexible foot.

Doctors often misdiagnose pes anserinus tendinitis as a medial meniscus tear or strain, so if your doctor says you have MCL, consider getting a second opinion. Both conditions cause pain in the inner knee. Pes anserinus tendinitis is an inflammation in the three tendons that connect between the shinbone and thigh muscles to become the pes anserinus tendon. Overuse of the knee, such as from running or sports that involve jumping, is usually the cause. However, when these tendons and the hamstrings muscles are strong they take pressure off the pes anserinus tendon and overuse will not occur. (See References 1 and 2). Medial Tendon Strengthening

The clinical term for flat feet is pes planus and it can be the result of arches that collapse or arches that never developed properly. When someone with flat feet runs or walks, their feet flatten or pronate and turn inward. The result is added stress to the structure of the inner foot, and in particular the faschia, the tissue that runs from the heel across the arch to the ball of your foot. To overcome low arches or flat feet, roll your feet toward the outside as you run. You Might Also Like Tendon Inflammation.pes planus valgus

Orthotics realigns the foot and ankle-bones to their natural position thereby correcting the problem of over-pronation. This restores our normal foot function that alleviates not only foot problems but also ailments in other parts of the body. Of late the shoes use soft material for reasons of initial comfort and are not really supportive or stable for a healthy gait. The use of sandals or ‘flip-flops’ during summer is of no help to patients with over-pronation as they are not satisfactory in biomechanical terms. Lateral plantar nerve combines with part of medial plantar nerve. The 2 nerves combine, creating a nerve with larger diameter than nerves going to other digits.

Laxity of the shoulder refers to looseness of soft tissue that surrounds the shoulder joint. A shoulder is generally referred to as lax when the range of its external rotation with the arm on the side exceeds 80 degrees. Laxity may affect the shoulder’s ligaments, tendons, muscle and capsule. The shoulder capsule refers to the area of ligament tissue that surrounds the shoulder like an envelope. Shoulder laxity is usually painless, and is commonly associated with athletes such as swimmers and baseball pitchers who typically cock their arms way back while engaging in sports activities.

What happened to all the nice fall weather? It’s almost 80 out there and will stay their for most of the week. Even the wasp nest that was starting to become dormant outside my office window is a happening place today. So happening I needed to get a stick to get rid of it. I got away safely, but they’re all kvetching in group about what to do now. Flatfeet can sometimes contribute to problems in your ankles and knees because the condition can alter optimal alignment of your legs. If you aren’t experiencing any pain, no treatment is usually necessary for flatfeet.